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Coming from a medical background, Natalya's treatments blend the science of medicine with the art of holistic healing techniques.


The Better Skin Spa was founded in 2016 by the creator of Better Skin Mirakle Cream, Natalya Rachkova, in search of the American dream. Natalya and her family emigrated from The Republic of Uzbekistan to Seattle, WA.

In the spirit of new and never-ending possibilities, Natalya quickly revived her aesthetician practice and once again reignited her passion for skincare. As fate would have it, just as in the old country, word of mouth soon leads to clients and their friends seeking out this wonder. Some clients reported that Natalya helped them achieve a youthful glow and reduced the appearance of aging. Others reported a significant decrease in acne and healthier looking pores. In 2013, Natalya met beauty industry alum Murphy D. Bishop, II. Murphy noticed a mysterious pot of cream cooling in the kitchen and was captivated by Natalya’s passion.

In the short time he was visiting, the number of people who came by the house to buy her Mirakle Cream astounded him.


Natalya is now a proud US citizen and her treatments are being shared with the world. The Better Skin Spa is filled with love, history, beautiful ingredients, a bit of science, and a good measure of great karma. Murphy and Natalya now work hard to bring effective, multi-purpose, beautiful products to market so that everyone can radiate their best skin ever. Why have good skin when you can have Better Skin with The Better Skin Co.*

*Individual results may vary


natalya rachkova

Co-Founder of the Better Skin Co.

Creator of Better Skin Mirakle Cream.

Master Aesthetician with over 30 years experience.

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